Tru Supplements – everything you need to know

What are Tru Supplements?

Most of us know how to eat healthily, but sometimes we still consume fewer nutritious foods than we would like…

The solution: taking supplements regularly is the perfect solution to help limit nutrient deficiencies in our bodies and ensure we’re getting everything we need to function at our best.

TRU Supplements Inc. was founded to be the simple, complete and honest solution to the need for high quality, safe, advanced and effective natural supplements.

Every TRU Supplements product is first formulated by our team of nutritional experts. It is then designed using premium, research proven ingredients, and manufactured according to certified cGMP guidelines in our state of the art facility. Finally, each product is tested according to strict procedures for quality control. These steps are taken to ensure that YOU get the best possible natural supplements to use and enjoy as a part of your healthy lifestyle.

What Tru Supplements bring to you?

Usually, you should be able to get all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet. However, using supplements can provide some additional nutrients when dietary intake is inadequate, or when certain health conditions predispose the body to increased nutrient deficiencies .

In most cases, multivitamin supplements provide all the basic micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) needed by the body. These multivitamins are generally safe because they contain only small amounts of each nutrient .


Each individual nutrient may also be sold as a dietary supplement, but often in greater amounts than they contain in a typical multivitamin.

They can be used to treat nutrient deficiencies, such as iron deficiency, but are also sometimes used to treat certain health conditions or prevent risk factors. For example, high doses of niacin can be used to raise good cholesterol, and folic acid has also been used to reduce the risk of spina bifida.

Scientific studies have supported some benefits from taking supplements for certain conditions, but in many cases, effectiveness is not supported by research evidence. 

The National Institutes of Health’s Dietary Supplements Authority has a food supplement fact sheet to evaluate the evidence (and vice versa) of the therapeutic use of a large number of dietary supplements. 

A recently performed meta-analysis of more than 200 trials (published in May 2019), including nearly 1 million participants, found no significant effects of the supplement on mortality or cardiovascular disease.

Comprehensive review and meta-analysis of data from 179 randomized controlled trials (published in 2018) that analyzed the effects of 14 vitamins and minerals separately, as well as in combination (multivitamins and multivitamins).

B-complex vitamins and antioxidants), for the risk of cardiovascular disease (coronary artery disease, heart attack, or stroke) and all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease. Overall, no convincing evidence was found that supplements were beneficial to the study results. While some evidence has been found, B vitamins and folic acid may reduce cardiovascular disease and folic acid may reduce stroke.

Which Tru Supplements products are recommended?

TRU Protein

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TRU Protein has:
  • 20G – Protein
  • 110 – Calories
  • 1G – BCAA
Our protein is unique: 
The all-natural and delicious plant-based protein powder built to deliver your body the protein, amino acids, and micronutrients needed to get the most out of your healthy lifestyle.
100% natural
With the extraction from Sunflower BCAA and organic brown rice, we guaranteed our delicious plant-based protein is 100% VEGAN

TRU Vitamin

TRU Vitamin is the daily super formula that bridges the gap between our food intake and many essential nutrients that optimize our body’s systems of metabolism, immunity, recovery, and even joint health.

TRU Energy

TRU Energy is our natural pre-workout, designed to give you exactly the right ingredients, at exactly the right dosages to have a perfect workout, every time! It uses a perfect symphony of ingredients to elevate natural energy levels, increase strength, extend endurance, and improve fat burning capacity.

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Getting in amazing workouts on a consistent basis can be the make or break to your success in reaching your goals. But some days, you just don’t feel as good as others! How can you get the most out of every workout without having to hurt your body with fake stimulants and an overload of artificial sweeteners and colors? TRU Energy gives you exactly the right natural ingredients, at exactly the right dosages to have a perfect workout, every time!

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Total caffeine = 100 mg

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What customers are saying

Bennae D.

I have only been using Tru Energy Training Formula for about a week and I can definitely tell the difference! It does not make me itch like most energy drinks when that adrenaline starts flowing and does not turn my stomach! I feel great and have that extra push I need to get through one or two hours of HIIT! I love, love, love the Passion Iced Teand look forward to trying other products!

Edna S:

I added this to my order because it look like a great product to add to my supplements. I’m so glad I did because the Pink Guava taste amazing! I just have to remember to take it every night😂!
Sharon T
Best on the belly and most yummy!!
I absolutely love this product!! One of the very best tasting and easily digested protein powders I have ever tried. I was a fitness trainer for many years so I’ve tried a lot of different products. I have gastroparesis and anything that doesn’t digest easily causes me a lot of physical distress. Tru protein is very easy on my belly. Love it!!